martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Beyonce for the Super Bowl

Have you heard this news?
OMG this is sooo amazing !!! She's a great choice for this show, I mean, how many millions of people will be watching it!!  I remember how excited I was to see Madonna this year, I still get chills when I see her performance, it was the greatest, Madonna is definetly the queen.

Let's see how Beyonce pulls this off, it will definetly be quite a show, she's known for this and one of my goals for next year is go to a Beyonce concert ( fingers crossed on a tour! )

Here are some of my favorite songs by Beyence!!

If you like it then should have put a ring on it!
This is the best coreography I have ever seen, makes my jaw drop!
''Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)''
''Crazy in Love''
The song that made her jump to solo stardom and meet her hubby.
I didn't remember Usher was on this vid!
''Naughty Girl''
This was my anthem a few years back...Great lyrics and song!
Just so we don't forget, here is Madonna's performance from this year.  Breathtaking.


lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Motivational Wednesday

Hello everybody!
Today is Wednesday and I thought of some motivation for the week...We all have some hard weeks and mine has been this one...So, I think that if life is giving you lemons then you have to make lemonade and therefore, a post about it :)

Not all quotes are motivational, some are funny but hey, laughter lifts your spirit and with our high spirit anything is possible.

Have a great rest of the week!!

I loved this one! This is so true, am I getting old that everyone around is doing this exact same thing? I mean, come one, let's live more..or maybe, I'm not just there yet..who knows..
Now this woman has some balls, I think it's amazing to live by this. We always think too much about other people, and maybe they don't even think about us at all, so, do what you just wanna do and you'll start living.
Now this is truly inspirational, you gotta cut the crap and forget your fears.  Eassier said than done, but we gotta get there someday!
This one is very important, have you found that thing that makes you really happy?
Most people get stuck in that job that pays the bills...but we have to find that job that doesn't feel like a job.  We only live once, we might as well live it happily.
 On the fun is a b*tchy one..don't tell me you haven't thought this once in your life?!
This one is good...People expect to see you fall...But you're strong enough keep going and prove everyone they're F wrong.
Ha! Don't waste your time with someone else's crap.  Life is just one and you gotta spend it with the people that really matters.
Hope this motivates you and even makes you laugh. See ya!!


martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Get me some Leopard !

Hello everybody !

Recently I have been seeing many leopard prints, it's no secret that it has been going on for over a year now and it looks like it is staying  ( yey ! ), I looove animal print, I think it's very sophisticated and when you wear a piece that has this print it just changes your outfit completely, you don't need too many accessories when you have the print going on.

I've been dying to get leopard flats and also a leopard clutch but I haven't found any of them ! So, once I do, I will be posting on that and let's hope it's going to be soon !

Here is some of my leopard wishes at the moment, I wouldn't get mad if I found anything like this where I live :)

Lucky you that lives in USA, the one at the top right is from Charlotte Russe :)
In the middle left : are $120  from and the ones in the right are Jimmy Choo $395!
Bottom left are Steve Madden.  Bottom right are from Nine West.
Now these are some really cool Clutches !
The one in the middle right is from Tory Burch, it's very cute!
The ones in the bottom are just a little more expensive..mhm.. Left: Yves Saint Laurent and Right: Christian Louboutin ( We can daydream abou this ;) )
Hope you like my picks !

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Baby pink and Blue

Hello everybody !

Today I wanted to post an outfit I created for myself.  It is a combination of a skinny baby pink jeans and the most confortable top I have purchased so far, which is blue.  Combined they are a great match, you have all the sweetness going on in the bottom and you stamp the strong element with a dark tone blouse.

Here it is, I used it for a brunch I got invited and got some compliments :).
It is ideal for a casual day, you know, brunch, lunch or coffee in the afternoon or whatever it is casual for you :).
BTW, the top is from Pull & Bear.
Wedges are from Nine West
I bought this necklace some time ago in a local store.
I loved the combination of all the colors.
I found this skinny jeans at Stradivarius.  I really wanted a different tone jeans other that BLUE JEANS, getting bored of those...Unfortunately, I haven't found so many colored skinnies, but still looking for them !
Hope you like it !!

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

DIY: Untangle that necklace

Hi everybody !
This is the story about a necklace I bought a year ago in a trip to Miami, it was supossed to be like a golden/silver braid, beautiful necklace when I bought it.  Well, to make a long story short, when I came back to El Salvador, it was all tangled ( from the packing, the trip, etc ), so tangled that I couldn't wear it and so I decided to put it away and fix it SOMEDAY...

Well, that SOMEDAY arrived last weekend haha after a year I decided to fix this necklace and it came in such a good time because I needed that combination since I'm lacking of silver necklaces ( I'm way in to gold tones lately ), so here are the pics and an idea for you and case you have once of these cases.. :)

This is the braid I was talking about... not so beautiful after all..
Such a mess..
It was supossed to look like this all over the necklace..
So, what I did is separate the 3 sets of  gold/silver 'lace' , just grab a tweezer and open the clamps.
Once the 'laces' are in order, just grab the tips in one clamp on each side.
And tada ! here is the new necklace ! It became kind of a statement necklace.
I'm thinking about pairing it with a black button blouse I just bought :).
It's never too late to do something or fix something you already have, believe me, once you do, you will feel like you have something new and pretty :)

sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

The weekend mani

Hi everybody!!

This week has passed soo fast, it has been crazy!
I started my diet and so far it has been good, although I went to Starbucks and well, you can't drink water there!! So.. I ordered the vanilla latte with no sugar on the vanilla and splenda, it's delicious and a great option for your waist line :)

Now that we are actually in the weekend, it is always a good time to get our nails done, isn't? With all the craziness of the week there's just not enought time to do this right except for changing the nail color.

Since It's been raining, I decided to go for the dark colors, this one is from OPI.

Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window.
It's from the America tour collection.
You might be thinking this is last season, but I don't have any sisters to share nail polish and I have so many that they last a looong time !

By the way, I am thinking on trying new nail art, simple since I'm not so good at drawing and all that, any suggestions?

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Happy tangerine

Hello ! How is this week going so far?
I have decided to start dieting tomorrow...maybe I'm still on time to achieve that weight loss goal we all set at the beginning of the year ( every year ! ).
Talking about colors and fashion, I liked a trend that I spotted in last Sunday's Emmy Awards and it is the fact that many actresses wore tangerine ! don't you just love this color? I love it on my nails like I wore it for my last post about bangles here but I think it also looks beautiful in clothes.
Below is some inspiration from the stars: 
Padma Lakshimi from Top Chef. Monique L'huillier.
How does she stay thin working on that show?!

Lindy Pulsipher from True blood.
Nancy O'Dell from Entertainment Tonight. I love this ombre style dress.
Cat Deeley - from So you Think You Can Dance. Tadashi Shoji gown.
What do you think of this color? Do you think it suits everyone? I think it's really pretty and it can give a pop of color to the outfits.
Here are my pics for tangerine accessories as well as clothes !! I'm in love with this color, next shopping mission will be buying some TANGERINE ! ;)
It's good to open our minds to new dress colors and step out a little from the neutrals. Here is my inspiration for tangerine dresses :