martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Beyonce for the Super Bowl

Have you heard this news?
OMG this is sooo amazing !!! She's a great choice for this show, I mean, how many millions of people will be watching it!!  I remember how excited I was to see Madonna this year, I still get chills when I see her performance, it was the greatest, Madonna is definetly the queen.

Let's see how Beyonce pulls this off, it will definetly be quite a show, she's known for this and one of my goals for next year is go to a Beyonce concert ( fingers crossed on a tour! )

Here are some of my favorite songs by Beyence!!

If you like it then should have put a ring on it!
This is the best coreography I have ever seen, makes my jaw drop!
''Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)''
''Crazy in Love''
The song that made her jump to solo stardom and meet her hubby.
I didn't remember Usher was on this vid!
''Naughty Girl''
This was my anthem a few years back...Great lyrics and song!
Just so we don't forget, here is Madonna's performance from this year.  Breathtaking.


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