lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Motivational Wednesday

Hello everybody!
Today is Wednesday and I thought of some motivation for the week...We all have some hard weeks and mine has been this one...So, I think that if life is giving you lemons then you have to make lemonade and therefore, a post about it :)

Not all quotes are motivational, some are funny but hey, laughter lifts your spirit and with our high spirit anything is possible.

Have a great rest of the week!!

I loved this one! This is so true, am I getting old that everyone around is doing this exact same thing? I mean, come one, let's live more..or maybe, I'm not just there yet..who knows..
Now this woman has some balls, I think it's amazing to live by this. We always think too much about other people, and maybe they don't even think about us at all, so, do what you just wanna do and you'll start living.
Now this is truly inspirational, you gotta cut the crap and forget your fears.  Eassier said than done, but we gotta get there someday!
This one is very important, have you found that thing that makes you really happy?
Most people get stuck in that job that pays the bills...but we have to find that job that doesn't feel like a job.  We only live once, we might as well live it happily.
 On the fun is a b*tchy one..don't tell me you haven't thought this once in your life?!
This one is good...People expect to see you fall...But you're strong enough keep going and prove everyone they're F wrong.
Ha! Don't waste your time with someone else's crap.  Life is just one and you gotta spend it with the people that really matters.
Hope this motivates you and even makes you laugh. See ya!!


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