lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

DIY: Untangle that necklace

Hi everybody !
This is the story about a necklace I bought a year ago in a trip to Miami, it was supossed to be like a golden/silver braid, beautiful necklace when I bought it.  Well, to make a long story short, when I came back to El Salvador, it was all tangled ( from the packing, the trip, etc ), so tangled that I couldn't wear it and so I decided to put it away and fix it SOMEDAY...

Well, that SOMEDAY arrived last weekend haha after a year I decided to fix this necklace and it came in such a good time because I needed that combination since I'm lacking of silver necklaces ( I'm way in to gold tones lately ), so here are the pics and an idea for you and case you have once of these cases.. :)

This is the braid I was talking about... not so beautiful after all..
Such a mess..
It was supossed to look like this all over the necklace..
So, what I did is separate the 3 sets of  gold/silver 'lace' , just grab a tweezer and open the clamps.
Once the 'laces' are in order, just grab the tips in one clamp on each side.
And tada ! here is the new necklace ! It became kind of a statement necklace.
I'm thinking about pairing it with a black button blouse I just bought :).
It's never too late to do something or fix something you already have, believe me, once you do, you will feel like you have something new and pretty :)

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