miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

*Fashion* : Rock the wedges

There are times in our shopping lives when we look at one item and we fall in love, you know that feeling, right? Well, It just happened to me ( like many other times in the past, * shocking * ).

This time I fell in love with the below Nine West wedges that are to die for!  El Salvador is a very very warm country, it's like summer all year long, even though it rains, you will still feel hot ! that's how it is, a lot of people from other countries tell me that they envy my weather because it's always sunny and hot.  I think it has its advantages, but on the fashion side, it makes me mad that I can't wear as many scarves and cute jackets because of that ! so everytime it gets a little cold, I never miss the opportunity to wear something like that.

Well, enought about the weather, below are the wedges I'm talking about. I love to pair them with cropped jeans ( it makes me look so tall ! yay ! ) but above all, they are extremely confortable, it's amazing, I'm in love. In the future, I will be styling them with dresses, so I'll be posting back on that too :)

I put together the outfit below, this is basically how I go to work, love a casual, girly, fresh look.

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  1. Nice blog and inspirations
    In your spare time feel free to visit mine ;)
    hope you will like my blog too!

  2. Great look! Wedges are my go to shoes for sure, the only shoes that don't kill my feet!

    xo Rachel


    1. Hi Rachel! wedges are my go to shoes, they are so confortable !!
      Thanks for stoping by :)