miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Pippa in NY ! You sure ?

Pippa Middleton in New York...what do you think? Trying to be an all-american girl.. Do you think she will be going to the Fashion Week events starting TOMORROW? How exciting right !  ( Fashion Week of course ) Feel like just a couple of months ago I was following the Fashion Night Out and now here we are again !

Back to Pippa now..According to the Huffington Post, she is looking for apartments in NY! Move over Katie Holmes you will proable get some competition with the paparazzis... but, is Pippa worth watching? I know I´m talking about her, but why is she so special? I don´t know..but to me, this girl has to do something other that walk down the streets...

Here are some pics of Pippa in NY:

Love the red pants !
Pic taken from here
Those shoes look familiar...wait till you see the next pic..
Pic taken from here

Kate at the Paralympic Games this week..Notice the shoes?

Come on Pippa, bring on your own style !

By the way, I love KATE'S shoes !  I guess I'm going to consider to get a pair of these..

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