lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

I'll kick you Monday

Congratulations ! You have survived Monday !!! Gotta keep the positive attitude if we wanna make it through the week ! keep the good mood and feeling in the next 4 days ( counting, I know ! ) here are some cool quotes to help us get over those boring/stressful/angry/oh so emotional and crazy moments !

Who doesn't love , you can find some of the greatest and craziest thoughts out there, and let's not forget.. very honest thoughts like the one above haha, gotta be a modern mom.
And to make you more thristy, here is a delicious Margarita!
Margaritas bring we start telling the truth about the world...
Cutting the alcohol and feminist quotes, here is an inspirational one ! Love what you do, have you found what you love?
Have a great night ! and see you later !

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