sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

Trip to El Salvador

The weekend is here! What are you going to do ?

I have a recommendation for you : if you are from outside El Salvador you gotta come, if you are in El Salvador, you gotta go ! Come on, let's do some local tourism.

Last weekend I went to Chalatenango which is a department in El Salvador ( El Salvador is divided in 14 departments ), so, this one is up in the North and it's supossed to be colder than the rest...but since the weather is crazy these days, it is no longer like that, but still you get to stay away from the city and the hectic world and go to a calmer and peaceful place.

Our pick last week was the hotel Entre Pinos, it is the best hotel you can find there, it's really confortable and pretty.  Food is great, you can find anything! from delicious typical breakfast Salvadorean style, to pasta, hamburgers, seafood, you name it, they have it.

You can bring your beverages to the hotel, some snacks and you go out to picnic in all the places there are inside.  It's a huge place ! 2 pools, horseback riding, bike riding, a lake with swans, animals everywhere, lots of cabanas.  You will have fun in this place !

Let's start the tour:

This is a hammock from one of the towns nearby called La Palma.
You can find these peacocks allover the place, friendly cute animals !
One of the beautiful views inside the hotel.
Still in contact with the nature, that's what this is all about.
This is one of the pools I was telling you about. Right behind it is that mountain, how refresing right?
And next to the pool is the restaurant.
We took a tour to some waterfalls that are nearby and this is the trail that we had to follow to get
to the river, cross it and get to the waterfalls. Unfortunately, the weather is not so good this
time of the year and river was to big and it would have been a little dangerous to cross, but hey! we got to walk through the nature and clean our lungs.
Hope you like this about El Salvador, it sure was a relaxing and fun experience!

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